Global Intranet

Client: A large, global Alternative Investment Fund

Problem Statement

The large, global fund house has presence in seven countries, and employs over two thousand people across all these locations. The firm’s Intranet was almost a decade old, did not use any content management system, and had almost no other functionality but to serve fairly static pages with information like policies, holiday calendar and contact details.

The Solution

The solution was to build a SharePoint based Intranet, with a very modern, responsive UI that allowed for a variety of functionality:

  1. We designed a smart homepage, whose content depended on a variety of parameters like location, department and user demographics to make it as relevant as possible.
  2. Users could choose from three different skins, or themes, without compromising the readability and keeping in sync with overall corporate branding
  3. The interaction design incorporated a variety of best practices and design patterns to make them user friendly
  4. Special emphasis was given to design features that allowed for integration with other systems, such that users could create simple portals and dashboards on Intranet
  5. Several collaboration features were incorporated, including selective content sharing, wiki, shared lists and documents, all available in a seamless user interface
  6. The Intranet worked on a variety of browsers, resolutions, screen sizes and devices


Technologies Used:

  1. Microsoft SharePoint
  2. Microsoft .NET/C#
  3. HTML 5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery

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