Compliance Tools

  • Built tools for fraud detection and prevention using analytics
  • Implemented reporting standards for FATCA compliance
  • Implemented AML standards and tools



Financial Analytics

  • Analysis of requirements for Anti Money Laundering, Fraud and Regulatory Reporting Management
  • Customized out of the box scenarios to suit local regulatory and business requirements
  • Designed and built compliance alerts for analysis and Investigation
  • Trained bank staff to manage compliance risk

Product Experience Design

Client: An ambitious startup in the healthcare/fitness domain

Problem Statement

An ambitious startup with a strong team needed help in designing the end to end experience of its technology product. The success of their fitness platform rested heavily on the overall efficiency and experiential delight of its three different categories of users. They would use the product on both the web and on their smartphones (as hybrid app, running on Android and iOS). Therefore, a careful design of the interactions and the product’s UI/UX architecture was seminal to its overall engineering effort.

Scope of work

  • Conduct User Analysis and Research
  • Accountable for complete Interaction Design
  • Development of MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  • Defining of Usability Acceptance Criteria
  • Conduct Usability Testing
  • Participate in application development

Global Intranet

Client: A large, global Alternative Investment Fund

Problem Statement

The large, global fund house has presence in seven countries, and employs over two thousand people across all these locations. The firm’s Intranet was almost a decade old, did not use any content management system, and had almost no other functionality but to serve fairly static pages with information like policies, holiday calendar and contact details.

The Solution

The solution was to build a SharePoint based Intranet, with a very modern, responsive UI that allowed for a variety of functionality:

  1. We designed a smart homepage, whose content depended on a variety of parameters like location, department and user demographics to make it as relevant as possible.
  2. Users could choose from three different skins, or themes, without compromising the readability and keeping in sync with overall corporate branding
  3. The interaction design incorporated a variety of best practices and design patterns to make them user friendly
  4. Special emphasis was given to design features that allowed for integration with other systems, such that users could create simple portals and dashboards on Intranet
  5. Several collaboration features were incorporated, including selective content sharing, wiki, shared lists and documents, all available in a seamless user interface
  6. The Intranet worked on a variety of browsers, resolutions, screen sizes and devices


Technologies Used:

  1. Microsoft SharePoint
  2. Microsoft .NET/C#
  3. HTML 5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery

Performance Attribution Platform

Client: A leading global financial product and data company.

Business need
Client wanted to completely revamp their performance attribution platform to meet
the demands of the market. Specifically, they wanted to
1. Make the platform highly scalable to meet performance goals with increasing
2. Build a market leading visualization capability to slice and dice performance
attribution results.
3. Add new performance attribution models to the platform.

The older performance attribution platform suffered from scalability issues as it
recomputed results for client jobs every day. However, most client jobs only
extended the attribution period by a single day. Thus, it was possible to store
previous results, perform incremental calculations and then link with previous day
results to generate full period results.

A result storage capability was developed to store partial results. The results were
stored in a generic fashion in an Oracle database to support results from all
attribution models. A fast linking engine was built to link partial results on the fly to
generate full period results.

Spotfire was selected as the visualization platform after a thorough analysis of
various BI tools. A custom extension was built in Spotfire to dynamically query the
new linking engine for full period results. Thus, a new visualization capability was
built leveraging partial stored results.

The new visualization capability received significant industry attention and became a
primary selling point for the product. Also, the introduction of storage capabilities
led to reduction of job run time by 80-90% and thus resolved the scalability issues
with the older platform.

Technologies involved
Java, .NET, Spotfire, GXT, MS SQL Server, Oracle

Order Management System for Private Wealth Management

Client: A leading global financial services firm.

Business need
PWM business caters to investment needs of high net worth individuals. STP
Workstation system provides completely automated in-house solution for order
workflow including order entry, pre-trade validation, approval, order execution and
booking. The orders are entered by sales people on behalf of the customer. Business
wanted the following new features:
• Provide an interface to the customers to enter orders electronically, without
interacting with an investment advisor or a sales person
• Add connectivity to Asian exchanges for trading
• Create a flexible, rule based commission calculation mechanism

The system was integrated with the firm system for electronic order entry –
Passport. The customer is able to place electronic orders using Passport. The order
automatically flows into STP Workstation. The system communicates with the order
execution backend of Passport to execute the order and book it to the firm and
customer accounts.

New Asian exchanges in Taiwan, Shanghai, Korea were added to the system. Order
routing configuration was setup to correctly route the orders through firm execution
framework to the new exchanges. Specific exchange related configuration was setup
to honor the exchange timings and holidays.

A system was created using which sales person could setup commission profiles. A
commission profile can calculate commission based on the side of the order,
quantity and amount. One can create tiers of commission based on these factors and
the commission can be specified as a flat amount or percentage.

The system brought in tremendous efficiency to the order booking process. Errors
due to earlier manual process were eliminated.

Technologies involved
Java, Sybase.

Hosted Technology Solutions

Client: A global healthcare major

Problem Statement: The client provides IaaS, PaaS and Application Hosting Services to several Hospitals and Healthcare units across the globe. They needed a vendor who could partner with them for providing the services to their clients. The vendor needed to understand the criticality of handling patient data, and provide domain experts to act as Operations Managers to interface with Healthcare units.

Scope of Work:

  • Improve End-User experience
  • Provide true value to Business
  • Bring Innovation to HTS Operations w.r.t Service Delivery, Service Management & Service Integration
  • Transform HTS Operations, to bring in higher efficiency

Patient Experience Platform

Client: A global healthcare giant

Problem Statement: Provide continuous visibility into individual patient’s health status. Also help connect patients with the “right care at the right time”, to prevent or mitigate adverse events.

Scope of Work:

  • Enhance and maintain the Patient Experience technology platform
  • Enhance the Platform to adhere Payment Card Industry (PCI) Guidelines
  • Stabilize the platform
  • Setup SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) to transmit data from hospitals to service provider
  • Test management by owning end-to-end testing life cycle (test strategy, test estimates, test planning, designing and executing test scripts, defect management)

Planning, deploying and managing the testing effort for any given engagement/release

Clinical Trials Platform

Client: World’s largest provider of biopharmaceutical development and commercial outsourcing services

Problem Statement: The client helps pharmaceutical and healthcare companies navigate the complex, heavily regulated process of bringing a drug or medical device to market. Vendor needs to maintain the client’s infrastructure adhering to HIPPA/HITECH requirements at low cost along with KPIs linked to their business strategies.

Solution: Wissen provides offshore support services to reduce cost and provide non-out of the box customizations for different tools to comply with FDA and HIPPA guidelines. This also helps the client concentrate on vitality efforts, adding more value to business.

Scope of Work:

  • L2 and L3 Support for Tools
  • Automation of L2 activities
  • Packaging of software
  • Developing Virtualization Standards
  • End-to-end Testing
  • DBA Support